Automatic Gate Specialist



High security applications demand high performance solutions and our robust range of Automatic Swing Gates deliver this and more besides.

Manufactured from rectangular hollow sections and offering a variety of infill options, our electric swing gates incorporate a powerful hydraulic unit, or motor gearbox drive with integral manual operation as standard. This ensures that our automatic swing security gates perform consistently and reliably every single time.

Built with smooth operation and ease-of-use in mind, our electric swing gates can be controlled by a wide range of access control systems including proximity card, push button, keypad, token and radio control. Combined with an induction loop or photocell safety and close facilities, our automatic swing gates raise the bar when it comes to access control solutions.



Sliding Electric Gates

If you have a small driveway or limited space you should consider sliding gates. They are more secure than conventionally opening gates because they are set in a track. Pushing sliding gates inwards requires a huge amount of force.

Another advantage of sliding electric gates is their speed

Sliding electric gates operate up to 60% faster than conventional, hinge-based equivalents.

The design and installation process is more complex than for conventionally-operated gates – which means it’s vital that you use a company with experience and expertise. NTS Fabrication uses only the best sliding gate automation equipment – guaranteeing you the smoothest, most efficient and most reliable operation possible.

We supply the appropriate motor for your type and size of gate and plan and fit the track to our own exacting specifications. When the track is ready, the gate is mounted into the frame, the electrics are installed and calibrated and the gate is tested and passed for safety and security in everyday use.

If you are looking for automatic sliding gates for your driveway then contact us today for a free quotation.



An ingenious idea incorporating elements from both sliding and folding gate designs, ideal for wide openings where space is restricted and/or too tight for alternate systems. The Around the Corner Sliding Folding Gates is ideal to achieve the maximum clear opening where run back is restricted, Our precision drive system powers the gates both rapidly and smoothly and our commercial experience in endurance automation allows our sysms to provide reliable all weather operation